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ZaBURS Rating Model

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The ZaBURS Rating Model is the market’s first quantitative model - driven ratings solution specific to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms. Firms engaged in BPO activities include, back end data processing, financial and human resource processing and knowledge related outsourced processes.

The ZaBURS Rating Model is organized into four main quadrants inclusive of personnel, structural, financial and strategic. The model’s algorithm tests for two key measurements: level of financial or investment value and level of operational excellence, resulting in an aggregate numeric score.

The ZaBURS Model reflects a shift from subjective- human-driven analyst rating assessments practiced by traditional analyst rating firms and institutions and integrates, measures and quantifies existing industry assessments together with its own parameters to arrive at an accurate rating score. The four quadrants contain twenty-four data dimensions that cover all key aspects of the company’s operation.

Standard fundamental measurements and scoring include financial balance sheet ratios, IT/IS technical reliability, service spectrum, CMMI level certification, and ISO9001. Important soft and intangible parameters scored include union activity level, management performance; U.S. culture alignment, foreign language capability, high English speaking proficiency and customer care delivery assessment.

This new service innovation rating eliminates guesswork and subjectivity with which privately held call centers and BPOs evaluate their capability. Suppliers can also effectively use The ZaBURS Rating Model as an internal management evaluation solution, competitive Intelligence, and an external business development tool.