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Trading Cities as tokenised stocks

The Evolution of
The Tradable City

Welcome to the PEV Protocol - a “Proof of Performance” (PoP) model from ZAGADA LABS for inventing SEATs™- Sovereign Equity Asset Tokens - it rhymes with REITs. 


We are building a full-stack  Decentralised Sovereign Capital Markets (dSCM) platform with key industry partners to include: Fireblocks, CoinCover, Polygon, Chainlink, Glink, and BitBonds - to “trade” cities, municipalities and states (sovereigns) as stocks- a new and distinct digital equity asset class.


Globally, cities need ten-trillion dollars annually in capital by 2025 to fund the production and servicing of public goods (PEV models as tradable assets). They already have over one hundred trillion dollars in sovereign and municipal debt to service through the existing centralised bond markets, so we need an alternative decentralised equity solution.  

Sovereign Firms

Cities such as New York, London and Delhi are registered as municipal corporations, with balance sheets, asset tables and financials (just like a publicly traded company), thus, they have calculable valuations and tradability.


Central Band Digital currency - CBDC. Over 130 countries have CBDC projects. But this initial distributed ledger adoption by states is a cost - efficiency decentralised use case. CBDCs do not generate revenues or facilitate institutional and individual investor trading opportunities and capital raise for sovereigns. A new source of debt free equity modeled capital is needed.

PEV Protocals

PEV is the answer. Our protocol mutates cities data assets into off-chain asset valuations and tradable on-chain digital stock - like assets for generating capital gains for investors and capital raise for cities.


PEV’s algorithmic value computation and programmable invention of the Sovereign Equity Asset Token (SEAT™), is the tradable unit of decentralised ownership in a city, municipality, state or country (sovereigns). “Mayors are literally public assets managers.”

The Numbers Speak The Opportunity


Years of Protocal Development


Key Industry Partners


Cities representing 80% of global GDP


Annual investment needed by cities by 2025


Size of global Municipal & sovereign bond market

PEV Protocol

We are building it.

Institutional asset managers, real estate investors and operators, businesses, individual investors, and even philanthropic foundation investors who deploy grant capital to improve the public good, will also have an alternative instrument on “place”, specific investments to generate investment yields. Capital gains is the new utility. The existing utility is only experiential.


Anchored by blockchain technology, and by combining elements of ML/AI, economics, mathematics, cryptography, and data science to model a simple and highly adopted tradable product on how economic data on “place” can financially hold, convert and represent tradable real - world economic value is our mission.


When deployed on our CitiQuants Exchange (CQx), we believe our Proof of Performance (PoP) blockchain will generate provable and programmable asset valuations, and demonstrate how our computation and composability can be used in decentralised capital transactions, to make meaningful investment bets from public capital allocation governance decisions among sovereign economic investor players.


The PEV Protocol is singularly focused on implementing SEATs, deployed within its equity modeled, yield- generating Decentralised Sovereign Capital Markets (dSCM) platform with a suite of capabilities to include:

valuation, issuance, tokenisation, trading and custody, to change the world of sovereign capital market investing for the good.

Summer Testnet with partners close

CitiQuants Corp and its CitiQuants exchange (CQx) are the Zagada registered and owned entities through which the PEV Protocol and its SEATs™ products are being deployed. Key partners we’re working with to execute our full-stack summer 2023 testnet launch include: Polygon (Chain) Fireblocks (custody), CoinCover(private key security), Glink+Chainlink (Node/Oracle), and BitBond (tokenization).


As we see it, we’re creating a new and distinct digital asset segment we define as decentralised sovereign capital markets (dSCM). Our mission is converting data (atomic assets™) into tradable tokenized valuations on-chain through our vertically operated CQx. Our goal: Capital IPO-like raise for cities and states and capital gains results for institutional and individual investors. Come let’s go together.


Our Partners


Ready to Invest in the Future?

ZAGADA Labs' Decentralised Sovereign Capital Market platform is the future of digital equity asset investment for sovereign public assets. Join the revolution and lets make trading cities, municipalities, and states a reality.

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